Which birthday cake is best? – MTV News

A birthday cake that is “futile, tasteless, and not worth celebrating” may not be the best choice for some.In a recent interview with CNN, actress/musician/activist/writer/filmmaker Jada Pinkett Smith said that she doesn’t like birthday cakes and that she feels like “the world needs to celebrate.”“I feel like birthday cake has gotten a little stale,” she said.“I feel bad for the […]

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Kylie Jenner’s birthday cake recipe could make a troll a millionaire

UPDATE: Kylie has shared her recipe for the ultimate birthday cake in a video that has gone viral.The star shared the recipe on Instagram after the backlash against her new makeup line, which she said “isn’t about what’s good for you.”“I was inspired by a post on the [Kylie Jenner] Instagram account that I saw about her makeup line,” she […]

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How to make your own fake Facebook birthday cake

I made my own fake birthday cake and it was the funniest birthday cake I’ve ever had. I’ve made my first fake birthday cakes a few years ago and my daughter is so excited about them, she’s going to make a whole batch of them. My favorite thing about these cakes is the texture they give you, it’s like buttercream on a […]

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