When Spiderman comes to the holidays, it won’t just be the spider’s birthday cake

When Spider-Man hits theaters on December 16, the character will be celebrating his birthday by throwing an impromptu birthday party for his mother, Princess Celestia.According to a new report, the two-part, six-episode episode will be a mix of a birthday party, a surprise birthday cake and a surprise performance by the character’s favorite singer.It sounds like the whole thing is […]

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How to make a spiderman cake and a spiderwoman birthday cake

A spiderman is a magical creature and a birthday cake is a real treat.But can you make one with your own creations?The answer is definitely yes, and you can make them at home.There are many spiderman themed cakes on the market and you might find one in your local supermarket, but there are also some that are really hard to […]

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