Which song is the 20th birthday of one of your favourite artists?

The 20th anniversary of one or more of the following artists’ songs is the anniversary of the artist’s birthday: The Beatles (1945-1969) The Rolling Stones (1975-1979) Bob Marley and The Wailers (1979-1982) Pink Floyd (1982-1989) Bob Dylan (1989-1995) Pinkie Pie (1995-1997) The Beatles’ “All My Loving” (1971) The Eagles’ “Strawberry Fields Forever” (1951) George Harrison’s “Harmony in the Dark” (1968) […]

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How to bake a birthday cake for the grandparents

How to make a birthday birthday cake in a hurry.This is one of the best birthday cakes in Italy.It takes just a few minutes to make.The cake has been cooked for a few hours and then the top has been carefully baked to make sure it will not stick to the wooden baking sheet.You will need a wooden baking tray […]

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How to make a money birthday cake

A money birthday gift card is the perfect way to celebrate your birthday.The gift card can be used on a range of products, from groceries to birthday gifts.Here are some ideas:1.Make your own cake – this is one of the easiest ways to celebrate a birthday, with an easy and fun tutorial at this post.2.Add a cash gift card to […]

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