How to bake rainbow birthday cakes and make a rainbow drop cake

How to make rainbow birthday candles, cakes and drop cakes.Rainbow Birthday Cakes and Drop Cakes.A rainbow birthday candle or cake.Rainbows are the most popular holiday decoration in Australia and the first time Australians are allowed to wear a rainbow is in December 2020.Cakes are usually made with a mixture of white and gold and include decorations such as hearts and […]

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How to make your own birthday cake

A recipe for the perfect birthday cake.A delicious recipe for a perfect birthday.A recipe that is a true celebration of the birthdays of a group of people.A perfect birthday, for everyone!I made a batch of my own birthday cakes for my family, and they were absolutely delicious.I’ve made them before, and I was thrilled with the result.However, I had to […]

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