How to make your own birthday cake and put it on the table in your next birthday party

My birthday is coming up this week.I decided to make some delicious vegan Birthday Cake.The ingredients were simple, but delicious.It was easy to make and was perfect for my birthday.I used a simple recipe for vegan cake flour, which has a great taste and texture.The recipe is available here: vegan cake, cake flour recipe.I used coconut flour which is easy […]

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Which birthday cake will you be baking for?

If you’re looking for a perfect pink birthday cake that you can decorate your home with, look no further than the pink cake on the cover of The Jerusalem Times.The cake is one of three pink cake items featured in the publication’s latest issue, a collection of the daily’s best sellers.The other two are a yellow cake and a strawberry […]

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How to Make a Baby Chocolate Birthday Cake Sticks

By now, you’ve probably noticed the trend of birthday cakes being adorned with chocolate cake sticks.But for some, the cakes are simply too fancy for their own good.Here’s how to make a homemade birthday cake stick out of buttercream and chocolate.1.Melt the buttercream.This will take a bit of time, but it’s important to start out slow.The buttercream will need to […]

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