How to Make Your Own Diabetic Birthday Cake

Diabetic desserts are so much more than the usual sweets and pastries.They can be delicious, healthy and even fun.I had to do my own baking.I chose to use the best ingredients to make my own birthday cake and I used an easy to make cake recipe to make it simple and tasty. First, you will need: 1 cup unsweetened cocoa powder 1 […]

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When the world goes to fish birthday party: Best birthday cake

Happy birthday fish.What a surprise.I have never had a birthday cake before.I am not a birthday girl and I’m not looking for one.But the day I finally had one, I had a great cake.And it was so good that I didn’t even know what to do with it.The cake had a rainbow theme, and it was topped with a giant […]

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A year later, a fisherman’s birthday cake is still selling on the streets of Kerala

A year after it was first sold in Kerala, the fisherman’s cake is finally back on the shelves in the state.On January 31, the Kerala state government announced a 10% discount for all customers who order the fish birthday cake.“The 10% offer is a special offer for customers who ordered fish birthday cakes on December 31,” the Kerala State Food […]

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