Celebrate the birthday cake of one of Hollywood’s most famous stars with a goldfish birthday cake

Celebrate your birthday with a chocolate-covered goldfish cake.On the anniversary of her passing, a goldfishes birthday cake has been spotted in the Los Angeles area.According to TMZ, a few days ago, a person spotted a gold fishes cake with chocolate chips on it.This cake, which was spotted at a restaurant in Pasadena, has since been spotted on Instagram and Twitter.The […]

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When Elmo’s birthday cake is on sale again

As Halloween is upon us, it’s time to buy some birthday cake.The latest is the $10,000, 24-hour birthday cake orders that are sold out of the iconic chocolate cake store at the Macy’s in Chicago, according to a spokesperson.There were several orders out of order, including a birthday cake for a man named Elmo that was due to be on […]

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Which Are the Best Female Birthday Cake Recipes?

Female birthday cake is one of the most popular dessert and cake recipes on Pinterest.The female birthday cake recipe is easy to make and can be a perfect dessert for a date night or birthday party.Female birthday cakes are usually served at parties and are often made with a variety of flavors.The basic recipe for a female birthday dessert recipe […]

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