Celebrate Patrons Birthday with Cat Birthday Cake at the Co-Op

PATRICK and his family celebrate their cat’s birthday with this delicious dessert!Patrons of Co-op, a new Co-operative cafe and restaurant located in the heart of the UK’s capital, will celebrate Patrons birthday with a special cake!The Co-ops cafe, located in Victoria Square in the centre of London, will be serving the popular dessert as part of their anniversary celebration.Patrons will […]

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When Spiderman comes to the holidays, it won’t just be the spider’s birthday cake

When Spider-Man hits theaters on December 16, the character will be celebrating his birthday by throwing an impromptu birthday party for his mother, Princess Celestia.According to a new report, the two-part, six-episode episode will be a mix of a birthday party, a surprise birthday cake and a surprise performance by the character’s favorite singer.It sounds like the whole thing is […]

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