A birthday cake that has gone viral is a success!

A birthday gift is about to become the talk of the internet.A cake featuring Jojo, one of the most popular anime characters of all time, has become the toast of the social media world after it was featured on Facebook.The cake was a collaboration between the Japanese social networking giant and the popular anime series, the company said.Jojo’s Birthday Cake […]

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Bluey birthday cakes recipe with blueberry buttercream cake recipe

Blueberry Buttercream Cake Recipe with Blueberry Frosting Recipe with a cake decorating tutorial.This cake is a simple but delicious recipe for a birthday cake.Blueberry butter is great for a cake decoration.The cake will look amazing with a blueberry frosting.The recipe comes with a small bag of blueberry decorating sugar.Blueberries are so popular for decorating cakes and other food products and […]

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What’s the difference between a Bluey and Sam’s birthday cake?

The Bluey is the traditional Bluey cake with a pink or blue heart, while the Sam’s is a Blue and pink cake with the heart of a Mermaid.But this year’s Sam’s Birthday Cake doesn’t have a heart, instead opting for a cake made with the famous “blue hearts” of sea creatures.Sam’s Birthday cake is a popular birthday cake in the […]

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