Bluey birthday cakes recipe with blueberry buttercream cake recipe

Blueberry Buttercream Cake Recipe with Blueberry Frosting Recipe with a cake decorating tutorial.This cake is a simple but delicious recipe for a birthday cake.Blueberry butter is great for a cake decoration.The cake will look amazing with a blueberry frosting.The recipe comes with a small bag of blueberry decorating sugar.Blueberries are so popular for decorating cakes and other food products and […]

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What’s the difference between a Bluey and Sam’s birthday cake?

The Bluey is the traditional Bluey cake with a pink or blue heart, while the Sam’s is a Blue and pink cake with the heart of a Mermaid.But this year’s Sam’s Birthday Cake doesn’t have a heart, instead opting for a cake made with the famous “blue hearts” of sea creatures.Sam’s Birthday cake is a popular birthday cake in the […]

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