How to make the perfect mcdonald’s birthday cake

What if you wanted to make a birthday cake for a person of any age?The trouble is that the options available to you are a bit limited.That’s why, in an effort to help make things even more customizable, we’ve put together a list of the best and most popular mcdonald birthday cakes.For a more complete list of birthday cakes and […]

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Which birthday cake is the most appropriate for a 14th?

Quarantine birthday cakes are the latest cake to be targeted by a new wave of anti-vaccine campaigners, with some doctors and parents calling for a change to the age at which they are made.Read moreWhat’s new in the cake?1.‘Sugar free’ cakeThe traditional ‘Sugared’ cake is made from the cake batter and cake flour and has been popular with British people.The […]

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NHL’s McDonald’s Birthday Cake has been removed from store shelves

Updated March 20, 2018 11:57:07The National Hockey League has apologized to a family after a man was denied a birthday cake by a McDonald’s outlet in New York City.A father of five was stopped at the McDonald’s in the Midtown Manhattan area on Monday and denied a Mcdonald’s birthday cake as the man waited in line to purchase it.A spokesman […]

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