WWE birthday cake topper, birthday sheet cake topped with a WWE logo topper for the WWE Hall of Fame

A new WWE birthday sheet-cake topper was unveiled Monday at the WWE Halls of Fame ceremony.The ring bearer wore a “WWE Birthday Cake topper” to represent the ring bearer’s “birthday in a ring,” according to the WWE website.WWE Hall of Famer and WWE Hall-of-Famer Bret Hart also wore a ring bearer-themed topper.Hart’s topper featured a WWE championship belt, which he […]

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How to make your own horse birthday cake

Happy birthday, horse.It’s time to take off your birthday hat and get out there and do something you never thought you’d do.The first step is to make some cake.For most people, cake is not the most exciting activity.That’s probably because, for most of us, cakes are a way of life, a part of the day when we go to church, […]

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