How to make Elsa’s birthday cake without a cake: It’s actually really easy!

It’s no secret that the popular Disney princesses love the birthday cake.This year, Disney announced it would be adding a special new flavor to their desserts that will allow you to add your own icing to the cake for extra flavor and a more magical finish.While some have been disappointed that there isn’t a Elsa-themed cake, others have been surprised […]

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Biscuit Factory Celebrates Biscuits With Biscotti and Biscotta Creams

Biscotch Factory celebrates its fifteenth anniversary with a new birthday cake.The cake, which features a biscuit made with vanilla buttercream and topped with chocolate chip cookie crumbs, was released last week.The cakes were made with the Biscots brand and are available for purchase at the Bistro in Biscott City.The bistro, located at the corner of West Avenue and West Street, […]

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