What’s the difference between girly birthday cake decorations and birthdays cakes?

I had a girly birthday cake for my first birthday last year.My mom made me a girlish birthday cake decorated with pink balloons and roses.The cake was a little more extravagant than the ones my parents made.I think my grandma’s grandmother would love a girish birthday cake.However, that cake was too big and too girly for my mom, so I […]

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How to Make Albertson’s Birthday Cake

How to make Albertons birthday cake is an easy, delicious, and filling cake.This year it was baked by one of the best cake makers in the world, Alberton’s, and it was the top selling birthday cake in the United States.And it’s all thanks to Albertons talented pastry chefs.They have a new book to help you celebrate Alberttons birthday, “Albertsonian Love.”Here’s […]

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How to make a birthday cake that’s perfect for a birthday celebration

BAYONETTE, Ohio (AP) When the holiday season arrives, the cake’s all set and ready to go, but the cake will have to wait a bit longer before it’s ready to serve.Birthday cakes are usually made from the same ingredients that go into the cake itself: sugar, flour, baking powder and eggs.But those ingredients are sometimes different from what’s in the […]

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