Posted September 20, 2018 09:10:38In my early twenties, I had an accident and needed to go to the hospital for a few weeks.

I’m a virgin so I was really confused.

It was very confusing for me, because I’d been to my GP and they were giving me birth control pills.

I thought it was weird that I needed to have sex to have birth control, because the pill wasn’t going to work for me.

But when I got home I realised it was going to be OK because I was pregnant.

My birth was a little awkward.

I had an emergency caesarean because of the infection and the baby had an infection in the umbilical cord.

It had to be put into a vacuum bag to try and get the baby out, and I had to wait for a while because I couldn’t go in for a C-section.

But that was the beginning of my love life, and my life.

My first time was in the pub with some friends, I was like, “I’m going to drink some vodka”.

I remember thinking, “It’s a little embarrassing, I’m going in for my first time”.

I went back to the pub, and they said to me, “Oh, you’ve got an accident.”

I was pretty drunk and was sitting in the back with a bottle of wine, so I went up to the bar and got a drink.

It’s a lot of fun, but I was a virgin and I wasn’t sure if I could have a drink afterwards.

My friends thought I was going too far and said I should just leave, and then I went back down to the house and had a drink, but when I came back I was still pretty drunk.

I was just like, what’s the big deal?

I went home and my girlfriend came home and was like “I’ve been drunk and you’re not sober”.

I was so confused, I thought “What’s the point?”

I just went home with my girlfriend.

That’s when I realised, “This is what I want to do with my life, I want this.”

I had a second birth.

It happened at home and we were just on the couch.

We’d just had a party, we were all just going to have a good time, but we got up and had to get out.

We were sitting in bed and I got up from the bed and started crying.

I went to the bathroom and I looked in the mirror and I realised that my vagina had gone numb.

I started getting it up again and I was very nervous.

I was just crying, I felt really bad.

I got dressed and went back and went into the bedroom and I didn’t think about it because I knew I couldn- I just wanted to get drunk.

My friend came over and I sat down next to her, and she was like: “You should drink a bit more vodka.”

She had the vodka and I just sat there and I cried.

The next morning I woke up, and it was still in my vagina.

I wasn´t really upset about it, I just knew I was drunk.

I felt really guilty about what I had done and I started to get really worried.

I just thought, “Why are I drunk?”

I’ve got no idea why I was feeling this way, but it was something I didn´t know how to deal with.

I realised I was sick.

I had a CT scan, and the doctor said I have a tumour, and that’s why I have an infection.

I’d never had an incision before and I thought I had it in the vagina.

So I had my CT scan.

I didn™t know if it was OK to have an operation or not, so they put an anaesthetic in and started to remove it.

I didn’t know how much to drink, I didn ™t think I could handle it.

I took it and got really drunk and I went into shock, because they couldn™ t see anything, but my stomach was starting to hurt, so the anaesthetic didn’t work.

It felt like I was vomiting, I couldn•t hold it, and at the same time, my heart was pounding so hard.

I couldn´t breathe, and so my girlfriend was like [sighs] I think she was really shocked and I said, “You know what, you should go home.”

I thought, I’ll just go home with you, I won™T be drinking anymore.

I said to her “I know I shouldn’t drink anymore, I know you have to have the operation and I know that this is something you’re going to regret.”

And she said, [sings] “Yes, you shouldn´t have done it”.

I said “But you know what?

I was drinking so much vodka, it wasn™ts ok”.

So I got drunk, and went home

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