The first Queen’s birthday cake was made at Buckingham Palace in 1953 and it was a success.

Today it is the subject of a new book, ‘The Queen’s Cake: The Official Guide to Queen’s Day Celebrations in 2018’.

It was written by Anne Marie Morris and it is available to buy from

“It’s been a big milestone in my life, in terms of my career,” she says.

“I’m very proud of what we achieved.

I’ve got the royal portrait on the door and I’ve been given a plaque by the Queen herself.”

Ms Morris was one of the many staff who worked on the cake, which featured the iconic photograph of the Queen on the front and the date on the back.

It was produced by the National Press Club, which was owned by the Government, and was a huge success.

“At the time it was the most popular cake in the country and it took about 12 months to produce it,” Ms Morris says.

Ms Morris is proud of the cake’s success, which included a trip to Buckingham Palace.

“This cake has become one of our most treasured possessions,” she said.

“We are proud of that cake.”

The cake has been sold for about $10 million and Ms Morris has been able to enjoy the fruits of her labour in her retirement.

“There’s no doubt the cake has taken its toll on my life,” she acknowledges.

“And I’ve lost a lot of friends and family because of it.”

Ms Morgan’s cake has also been given the royal seal of approval.

“The seal is so important to me because it’s not just the cake itself, but the whole package of that royal wedding and the coronation,” she explains.

“So when the Queen gives me a royal seal, it means she believes in it.”

The Queen is also one of a number of people who has written about her birthday cake.

“In the 1960s, I had a cake that was called the ‘Cake of Hope’, which was designed by a member of my family, who was a painter,” Ms Morgan says.

The cake was originally called the Royal Cake of Hope.

“Then in 1982 I did a birthday cake with the name ‘Queen of the Stars’ on the label,” she recalls.

“But I changed it to the Queen of the Cake in 1982.”

The title of the 2017 Queen’s cake is ‘The Cake of the Future’.

It includes the slogan ‘One Year On’, which has become a famous slogan for the Queen.

“People love the fact that it’s so much more than just a cake,” Ms Morris says.

She says the Queen is a great example of a strong leader who has been honoured for her leadership.

“She’s a very good example of someone who has a lot to say and she’s got a lot going for her,” Ms Marshall says.

The book is available online at bookshop and can be ordered at the National Library of Australia. “

As a young woman, I think she had a lot more to say, but as a Queen she’s also got a big sense of humour.”

The book is available online at bookshop and can be ordered at the National Library of Australia.

“Her birthday cake is one of my favourite cakes, I’ve never been able.

I love it.”

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