A cake, which looked like it had been made by a girl who has only one birthday, was recently unveiled by Google News Australia.

The Cake Girl, which uses Google News as a platform for content and advertising, is the first thing that appears on Google News for anyone to see.

The cake was originally a piece of birthday cake that Google News staff had made for a friend of the news agency, who is now on a journey to the Moon.

The news agency’s head of digital media and digital product, Tom Chalfant, told news.com.au the cake was created by the young woman.

“I was trying to make a bit of a splash and it’s just brilliant, it’s a really beautiful cake,” Mr Chalfan said.

“It’s really cute and she was quite excited about it.”

Google News Australia CEO Ben Gittings told news, the cake is one of a number of new products created by Google’s news team, including a new ad for the new Pixel smartphone.

“They’re all really fun and they all do really well on the news platform,” Mr Gitting said.

“It’s quite exciting that Google is continuing to develop products that are very focused on news.”

The news experience is a big part of that.

“Mr Chalfants daughter, Kylie, has been on a trip to the lunar surface, which has been named a ‘Cake Girl’ by Google.”

We’re really excited about the whole journey to get to the moon and getting here, it was really fun,” Mr Schalfant said.

The Google News team has been developing new products and new news tools for news and information publishers, including the creation of a new news tool that allows them to share their content directly with people across the world.”

This is something that’s very special, it doesn’t get done in this day and age and it has really taken off on the Google News platform,” Google News editor Ben Gissinger said.


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