Fortnite players are giving out birthday cake decorations in celebration of the first birthday of their child.

The game’s developer, Epic Games, recently announced that players are sharing the holiday with friends in a Fortnites-themed party.

In a tweet, Epic said the party will begin Monday.

Fortnits, which has grown into a popular social game, features three different classes that can be customized.

A birthday cake is one of the many things that Fortnifests players can customize.

You can customize your party by adding decorations to the walls, floors, or ceilings.

Some players have made their own birthday cake.

The cake is made from cake mix and topped with a piece of cake.

Another cake is filled with candies and frosting.

Players can customize their cake with food, music, or other decorations.

Some people have made birthday cake by taking their own cake and decorating it.

A friend of mine was planning a birthday cake and wanted to make it so that it would look more like a real birthday cake than a cake that was baked in the house.

They took a picture and then made their cake.

I’m happy that they’re sharing this with their friends.

It’s so much fun to share this birthday cake with friends and the birthday is coming up soon.

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