A flower cake made with fresh, seasonal ingredients is perfect for your special day.

CBC News spoke to a few cake makers in Edmonton to find out what the cake makers think about their favourite cake and the process of making them.

For the cake, one of the cakes made at Sweet Tea Cake & Deli in Edmonton is a simple and simple creation, with just a handful of ingredients.

“You could have one of these for any birthday you want,” said the owner of Sweet Tea Bakery & Delicacies.

“Just one of those flowers, one fruit, one vegetable, and just one simple recipe.

It’s the same with the flowers.

You can add a little bit of salt or pepper and a little oil, but that’s all it’s about.”

The cake is made with a simple flour base and a mix of sugar and flour, with only a few small ingredients.

It’s made with only four ingredients.

The cake itself is made from scratch, with the ingredients only being chosen for the cakes that they make.

“A lot of people, you know, like to make cakes, but they’re very simple,” said owner and baker Amy Deutsch.

“It’s just one ingredient, one flour, one sugar, one egg, one lemon juice, one cup of flour, and it’s all very simple.”

While this simple cake might not look as fancy as a cake made by a baker, it is a great cake to have on your birthday.

“It’s kind of like a Christmas cake, you just put all your ingredients together and you’re done,” said Deutsch, adding that her cakes have become a hit with customers.

“I think that for a lot of cake makers, it’s kind and simple and it can really get your party started.”

Deutsch said that the cake she makes has become popular because it’s inexpensive.

“That’s why I like it so much, because it really gets out of the way, so you can actually enjoy it,” she said.

“We’re selling our cakes online so that people can get their cake in a box, and we sell our cake on our website, so that they can have it and enjoy it.”

While the cake is a little pricey, it makes for a great party-ready cake for those looking to celebrate their birthday or anniversary.

“If you have a birthday party, or a family celebration, you can have one for a little girl, or one for any kid you want to celebrate with, or for your grandparents,” said co-owner and baker Jenette Ducharme.

“We’ve had great responses, and the cakes have been really popular.”

The bakery is hoping that this simple, yet elegant cake can become a regular part of the celebrations of any birthday or celebration.

“People love to see a beautiful cake made,” said Ducherme.

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