The Hulk is celebrating his birthday on Saturday, April 4, by getting an in-person birthday cake made out of foam.

The cake is being created by Inflatable Birthday Cake.

The concept came about when Hulk fans were getting excited about seeing him at his birthday party at Disney California Adventure, where they saw Hulk as part of the cast of a movie.

Hulk had been invited by InFlatable to the party, but when the partygoers realized they were supposed to go on a “Hulkiversary,” he got a hard time getting in.

They had to wait until he was in a wheelchair to enter the party.

The partygoers kept on asking him to join in on the festivities.

“Hang in there, Hulk, it’s only a movie!” a woman screamed at the Hulk as he came through the door.

Hulk agreed and the couple took a selfie with the foam.

It’s the first time Hulk has had a birthday cake that’s made out a solid substance.

It took him about 15 days to get the thing made, which is not a particularly impressive feat for a first-time birthday cake artist.

Inflable has been in the business for nearly three years, but Hulk has not made a birthday birthday cake before.

“I thought I was doing something special, but I just couldn’t get this done in time,” Inflate said.

“The whole thing was like a nightmare.

It was the hardest birthday I’ve ever had.”

Hulk will not be at Disneyland this weekend as he’s busy with the Avengers: Age of Ultron film.

“He’s been out of work for months, so he hasn’t had a real job since we did this,” InFlable said.

Hulk has been out and about on his birthday since the day he was born, and he is always ready to make his first birthday cake.

In this photo from July, 2009, Hulk celebrates his birthday with a friend at Disneyland, Calif.

When Hulk has a birthday party, he often puts a giant foam birthday cake on the front.

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