A birthday cake is an important holiday tradition and it can be a huge source of pride and happiness for many families.

This infographic shows how to decorating a birthday party cake and what to avoid if you do decorate one.


Prepare the cake to look like a birthday celebration 2.

Make sure your cake is decorated appropriately 3.

Add some sprinkles to make it sparkle!


Use an egg to make the decoration 5.

Enjoy your cake!


How to Make a Birthday Cake at Home: 1.

Prep the cake in advance to avoid the temptation to buy expensive cake decorations 2.

Bake it for 10 minutes in a preheated oven 3.

Use the baking powder to decorat the cake 4.

Add a few sprinkles and make it look more festive 5.

Serve with a chocolate cupcake, a chocolate cake, or even a cake with chocolate sprinkles.

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