Fishing birthday cakes are a staple of the holidays.

The cake is served at weddings, picnics, birthdays and even at birthday parties, and is traditionally made with fish and seafood.

But a cake with a fishing theme has never been so popular.

The first birthday cake, made by chef Paul Cavanagh in 2013, was seen by more than 40 million people on Instagram.

It was also shared almost a million times on Facebook.

“It was a hit with the public,” he said.

“And we got so many great messages from people saying how amazing the birthday cake was.”

The cake’s popularity has been fuelled by its simplicity.

It contains just five ingredients: a cake, a fish, a cupcake and a fish hat.

“There’s nothing fancy about it,” Mr Cavanaugh said.

But the simplicity is key.

“What people love is a cake that’s so simple,” he says.

“They like to try something new and have a good time with it.”

‘It’s like a Christmas cake’ The cake itself is made with cream cheese, coconut oil and sugar.

“If you’re a bit of a seafood nut, you can enjoy the flavours of the fish and the coconut and the cream cheese,” he explains.

“But if you’re more of a fish lover, you don’t want to spend the money on a cake and a hat.”

Mr Cavannagh, who runs his own fish-inspired business in the Brisbane CBD, said the first birthday cakes had become such a hit that he decided to use his business as a platform to promote his passion.

“I thought, why not put the cake on a social media platform?” he said in an interview with the ABC.

“You can do this, you’re not going to have to pay a lot of money to make a cake for your friends and family.”

The recipe for the fishing birthday Cake.

Photo: Paul Cavavannaugh Mr Cavenagh created a fishing cake recipe with ingredients from his kitchen and a family friend.

The family friend then adapted the recipe to suit his family’s lifestyle.

“The idea is to get a lot out of it and just try different things and see how the results turn out,” Mr Tabor said.

The recipes are similar to the popular Christmas cake and the recipe is available on his website.

The recipe has been shared more than 100,000 times on Instagram, which has been a hit, with people sharing pictures of themselves eating it and others asking for advice on how to make the cake.

“We all love to fish, it’s just something that we do a lot on the boat and in the water,” Mr Hinchliffe said.

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