On the same day that a woman was crowned the world’s most popular baker, the world was stunned to discover a woman in her 20s was crowned “the most beautiful cake” by a group of her closest friends.

A stunning cake, decorated with a red ribbon and gold crown, adorned the kitchen of Anna, a mother of two, at a bakery in New Jersey, the Associated Press reported.

Anna was one of the best-selling cake makers in the world in 2015, selling more than 8 million cakes worldwide.

Her cake, known as “Bella,” was featured in an award-winning reality show.

She was born in Germany and lived in New York before she moved to New Jersey.

She and her family had been baking cakes for years.

“I think it’s the happiest day of my life,” Anna told the AP.

“I just want to thank my friends, my family, my neighbors, my employees, all of you who have been so kind.”

The cake was presented Friday night to Anna’s parents, who live in Florida, and to the rest of her extended family, including sisters and a half-brother.

Anna, who is a registered dietitian and a certified food technologist, says the cake is the result of years of work.

She plans to sell the cake on Saturday at the New Jersey State Fairgrounds.

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