Jojo Birthday Cake (Paleo, Sugar Free) – Part 2

Jojo birthday cakes have become a thing of the past, as a new recipe by a local baker has taken the cake from the dessert realm.The new recipe, published on the ‘Taste of Italy’ blog, combines fresh, sugar free cheesecake with almond butter and vanilla bean for a delicious and unique dessert.It has been called the ‘perfect’ birthday cake and […]

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Why I’m eating cake, because it’s a birthday gift

I grew up with cake, and I loved it.But since then, I’ve seen a lot of cake companies trying to get back in the cake business.And I can see why.Cake companies make it easy to buy, but it’s also harder to keep the price down.I’m not sure how much longer the cake cake market will be a big part of […]

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