A cake decorated with flowers, candles, balloons and other festive items is turning green with the holiday season in its sights.

The ‘Happy Birthday’ cake is being celebrated in a bid to raise awareness about children with cerebral palsy.

“I want to share that we have got some wonderful birthday cakes that have been created with our children, that have also been decorated by our children,” said Pankaj Kumar, founder of The Happy Birthday Cake, which is now celebrating its 30th anniversary.

Mr Kumar, who has two children with the condition, said the cakes were created as a way of raising awareness for his children.

“They have had a great Christmas.

They have had their birthday parties.

They are happy and they are healthy,” he said.

Mr Kavita, who is married with two children, said he was inspired by a local farmer to create the cakes.

“We started with a few things.

I started with an old old cake that was made by my family.

I added a few decorations and put a lot of effort in the making it,” he told NDTV.”

It turned out very good.

My wife started to make some of the decorations.

We were all surprised that it turned green.”

Mr Kumar said his wife had always made birthday cakes for him and the children.

It was the icing on the cake when she turned 30.

“She has always made cake for me.

It has always been a big event for us,” he added.

The cake is made of the dried fruit cake.

The ‘happy birthday’ cake was first sold in India in the late 1990s and sold for over $2,000, said Mr Kumar.

“The demand was phenomenal.

In 2010, we had an average of 500 cakes sold every day.

Now we sell a lot more, but it’s not the same as before.

But there are some challenges.

For instance, our children are not well enough to eat it,” Mr Kumar said.

He said he also had to learn the business of making a cake.

“I started with some old cakes that I made.

Now it’s just a few ingredients.

It’s quite a challenge,” he explained.

Mr Kapil said the success of the cakes meant his business was growing and growing.

“Our business has grown over the years, which means that there is more demand for the cake.

I hope the cake is always a success.

We want to keep this tradition alive.”

The Happy Birthday cake is available for purchase online at the Happy Birthday website.

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