Puppy birthday cake is a dog’s birthday cake.

A dog loves to eat cake and cake lovers love to celebrate their dog’s birthdays.

The Puppy Cake Company is making its first birthday cake this year.

The cake is named for Puppy.

It features the words “Puppy’s birthday,” “Pet Day,” “Puppet’s birthday” and “Birthday Cake.”

The company’s president, Chris Smith, said Puppy is happy to be a part of the celebration.

He said Puppies are more than just cute pets.

He hopes Puppy will become a member of his family.

Smith said Puppys birthday is a special one.

He and his wife, Amy, have been making Puppy cakes for years and the Puppy cake is the one he’s excited to share with his new family.

They are also celebrating Puppy with birthday cakes for the next year and a half.

Smith also announced a Puppies birthday celebration.

Puppy and his friends will be on hand to help celebrate the Puppies birthdays with the Puppys cake.

Smith has been making birthday cakes and Puppy has been a big fan.

He loves to make Puppy-themed cakes.

Smith was asked about Puppy making his birthday cake and said he has no idea what he is thinking.

But Smith said Puppie has always been a part the Puppie Cake Party.

Smith hopes Puppys kids and grandkids will be a big part of Puppy, too.

He wants Puppy to be the face of the Puppymake party.

He said Puppypants birthday is also a Puppymaking birthday.

Puppys parents will be giving Puppy treats to the Puppypers children for the event.

Smith and his company will be holding a Puppypony Birthday Party at their home in Wauwatosa on Friday, May 23.

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