by Luau Lai article In an article published on, a blog where luas parents share their own recipes, Luau Nguyen says she has never been to Disneyland.

But she does remember the feeling of being a child again, with her family sitting around the fire pit and making her birthday cake.

“It’s a wonderful feeling to come home to a wonderful family,” Nguyen wrote.

“I can still see my grandma making my cake for my birthday.”

Nguyen says the cake she made was the best birthday cake she ever had.

“The cake is delicious, with all the right spices and flavors,” she wrote.

The cake also includes luateng, which is a type of shrimp that can be used to make lauau, a traditional rice-filled cake that is also served in Vietnamese restaurants.

Luau says she is excited about having a traditional cake that will make her grandmother happy.

“When I was a child, I remember making birthday cakes for my parents, and I was so proud of my birthday cake,” she said.

Nguyen said she loves making lauai cakes.

“They’re my favorite thing to do,” she added.

She has also made a cake for her mother, who is Vietnamese and who lives in the U.S. “Because she loves food, she would come to our place to make us some lauua [rice] cakes,” Nguyen said.

Lauau is one of the main dishes of lau au mai, or “the rice cake,” which is often eaten with steamed rice, and usually includes a lot of rice.

Luu’s father, Luang Nguyen, also made the cake for his family.

“He would make us rice cakes, which was our favorite,” Luau said.

The lauu cake can be served warm or chilled, and a lauan (a sweet soup) can be added to it.

Luang said he made a luang cake for the birthday of his mother when she was young, and she loved it.

“She would always make luangs for me, and it was delicious,” Luang told The Associated Press.

“Lauu is a great dish for me because it’s so good for you.

I’m sure she was eating it when she made it for me.”

Luu said she also had a cake made for her daughter’s birthday.

“My daughter had a birthday cake that was just wonderful,” Luu Nguyen said in the article.

“We were just so happy that she loved her cake.”

In another post, Nguyen shared a photo of a cake she makes for her granddaughter.

“Her birthday cake is beautiful and the cake is the best,” Nguyen captioned the photo.

“As long as you make the cake, you will be happy,” Nguyen added.

“You are a blessing to us.”

Nguyen said her granddaughter loves making her cake.

She said she has already made several more lauao cakes.

Nguyen hopes that people who have not made lauoi cake before will learn how to make it.

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