A little more than two years after the Transformers franchise hit the big screen, the world of cartooning is celebrating the release of its 50th anniversary edition, the 50th Transformers.

The release is part of the Hasbro-Hasbro Entertainment family of toys, which includes the Transformers, the Transformers: The Movie, the Robots in Disguise line of toys and the Has-Been Heroes line of video games.

In celebration of the occasion, a number of different Transformers characters and vehicles have been introduced.

This year’s anniversary is also the 50 th anniversary of the franchise’s original cartoon, Transformers: A Generation of War.

In addition to this year’s Transformers, there are also some other new releases, including the Robots In Disguises line of Transformers toys and a new line of Hasbro Transformers-themed toys. 

Transformers: The Animated Series (1978-1980) (1968-1968)  Transformer: The Dark Knight (1988-1988) Transformers Animated (1986-1988), Transformers Animated 2 (1988-1989) Transformers: Animated (1985-1986), Transformers: Legends of the Force (1985), Transformers Prime (1985) Transformers: First Strike (1985)-(1986), Transformer Force (1986), Transformants Unleashed (1986)-(1987), Transformers Universe (1987), Transformer: The Battle for Cybertron (1987)-(1988) Transformers Legends of War (1987-1988)-(1989) Transformers Generations (1987) Transformers Prime: First Hunt (1987)–(1988), Transmetal Force (1988) Transformatron: The Final Conflict (1988), Robots in Disgrace (1989)-(1990) Toy Story 3 (1991)-(1992) Transformers Beast Wars (1991) Transformers Robots in Deceit (1992) Robot Master (1993) Transformers Autobots (1993)-(1994) Transformers Universe: The Last Hunt (1993), Transformers Force: The Beginning (1993)–(1994), Transformers Generations: The Next Generation (1993-1995) Transformers First Strike: The End (1993).

Transformers Generations Deluxe (1994)–(1995) Legends of the Transformers (1995) The Transformers: Rise of the Dark Knight (1995)–(1996) Transformers Transformers: Dark Knight Revenge of the Fallen (1995)-(1997) Transformers Legion: The Fall of the Cybertrons (1997) The Transformers: Prime (1997)–(1998) Transformers Starscream: Dark Days Ahead (1998) Unicron: The Ultimate Challenge (1998)-(1999) Super Autobots (1999)-(2000) Beast Wars (2000) Transformers Unleashed (2000)–(2001) Transformers Masterpiece  (2001)–(2002) Transformers Force Unleashed: The Awakening (2002) Prime: Rise Again (2002)–(2003) Guardians of the Galaxy: The Fallen (2003)–(2004) Transformers Resurrection  2013 (2004)–(2005) Transformers Legacy (2005)–(2006) Transformers Revelations (2006)–(2007) Transformers Deception  2009 (2007)–(2008) Transformers Nemesis (2008)–(2009) Transformers Last Knight (2009)–(2010)  Transformers Battle  2010 (2010)–(2011) Transformers Convoy  2012 (2011)–(2012) Transformers Battle Battle: The Hunt for Extinction (2012)–(2013) Transformers Revenge of Fallen 2013-2016 (2013) Toys R Us Transformers (2013)–(2014) Transformers Collection (2014) Hasbro Transformers: Last Stand (2014)–(2015) Marvel Legends Transformers: Ultimate Battle (2014)–$39.99 (USA) Star Trek: The Series 2011-2012 (USA)–$34.99 Marvel Knights Transformers: War of the Chosen (2011)–$44.99

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