Birthday cake shots were everywhere in 2014, and there’s no denying they are a blast.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic moment, or a birthday bash for your friend, there’s something for everyone at this year’s event.

Here’s our guide to all the fun.


Birthday cake shot 1.1.

The ‘buzzing’ shot This is probably the most popular shot, and we’ve covered it before.

However, the best thing about it is that it’s a very low-key, easy-to-shoot shot that leaves a nice, clean wake.

The key to the shot is that there’s usually a little bit of a backdrop, so you can shoot in a nice low-angle shot.

You can also add a splash of colour to the background to really get your point across.

A good rule of thumb is to get as close to the cake as you can, with a minimum of 30m away from the cake, or if you’re trying to get the perfect shot from behind, then you’ll need to be in the centre of the room.

If you’re shooting at a busy restaurant, the backdrop should be at least one metre away from you, with the doorway a good distance away.

1:02:23 You can use this photo to take a more ‘realistic’ shot, with lots of light in the background.

1 :02:48 This shot has the perfect backdrop, and you can also use it as a reference for the final shot.

1 .03:23 This is a great ‘bounce back’ shot.

It’s easy to do with the lighting, and it leaves a lovely, clean ‘bump’.

This is especially great for an outdoor wedding, since the lighting can give a great look.

1 1.04:23 A classic ‘bouncing back’ look.

The background is a perfect backdrop for the photo.

The lighting is also a great reference, because you’re usually shooting at night, so this shot gives you a nice little bounce.

You don’t need to get very close to it.

If the background is too far away, you’ll just end up with an ‘Aha!!’ moment.

1 4:00:00 This is another classic ‘bang back’ angle.

It gives a good, bounce effect, and the lighting is perfect for this type of shot.

The cake is positioned at the edge of the shot, so it’s very easy to get a perfect shot.

This is also great for outdoor weddings, as the cake doesn’t need a lot of lighting, making it easier to get some extra height.

1 5:16:23 Another classic ‘boom back’ or ‘booming back’ photo.

This shot is a little trickier than the last one, because the backdrop isn’t quite as wide, and is also not as close as it used to be.

The shots look very similar, and if you’ve ever had a birthday party where the cake is set too close to your face, you may be thinking that this shot might be easier to do.

However you can still get a nice bounce, as you’re at the top of the cake and not so far away.

2:12:23 The ‘boombay-back’ shot is the next best thing to a boom back, and again it’s easy, easy to shoot.

The backdrop is placed at the centre, so the shot looks like you’re sitting on top of a giant cake.

It also gives a great bounce, and this type is a good way to get people excited for the cake.

2 4:20:59 Another boom back.

The photo is much more complex than the previous one, but it’s still a good shot for a wedding.

This one has a slightly different lighting setup, so there’s more lighting to work with, but the photo looks pretty similar.

If this shot is going to be on a large cake, then it should be set at least 30m (95ft) away from it, so that you can get a clear view of the whole cake, and a good angle of view.

The only tricky part is that the backdrop has to be a lot higher than the cake itself.

3:50:59 This shot makes for a great final ‘bangback’ or boom back photo.

It has a nice background, and everything is just about perfect.

The trick is that you need to use a bit more light to get this shot, as it’s so close to where the party is, so much of the light gets reflected.

This gives you an ‘aw-shucks’ effect.

If it looks a little blurry, it could be because the cake’s lighting isn’t as strong as it once was.

The downside of this shot though is that once you’ve gotten your final shot, it will look very fake.

This could be due to a lack of lighting and the cake being too close.

4:17:59 A classic boom back or boom-back photo. A

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