My birthday is coming up this week.

I decided to make some delicious vegan Birthday Cake.

The ingredients were simple, but delicious.

It was easy to make and was perfect for my birthday.

I used a simple recipe for vegan cake flour, which has a great taste and texture.

The recipe is available here: vegan cake, cake flour recipe.

I used coconut flour which is easy to work with and easy to find in the grocery store.

As the cake was making, I used vegan butter to make a cake crust.

To make the cake, I mixed the ingredients together and then I cut into squares using a pizza cutter.

After that, I rolled out the cake using my hands and made sure to leave some space between the cake and the pizza cutter to make it easy to cut.

When I made the cake for my friend’s birthday, I served it over some vegan ice cream.

She loved it and said it was so easy to put together.

For me, the best part was watching my cake take shape in the oven!

This vegan birthday cake is a great birthday party dessert.

It is simple to make, but the results are amazing.

If you are looking for a healthy vegan dessert, check out my Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe and Vegan Caramel Pudding recipe.

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