You can’t have too many birthday cakes, and even though some are a little pricey, many are worth your money.

Here are some of the best, according to our experts.1.

Birthday Cake With Chocolate Ganache: Milk Birthday CakeWith chocolate ganache and chocolate sprinkles, this cake will make your birthday a little special.

The chocolate cake, which is made with whole milk, is topped with powdered sugar and cocoa powder. 


Birthday Milk Cake: Birthday Milk Cake is the best birthday cake on this list.

The buttercream icing, cake decor and chocolate cake all combine to create a cake that is very well worth the cost. 


Birthday Creme Brulee: Creme Brulees are made with cream cheese, chocolate and vanilla buttercream.

They’re made with whipped cream and fresh whipped cream, so they’re also delicious on their own.

The cake is made in the traditional French way, and the chocolate cake is frosted with chocolate chips. 


Chocolate Milk Cake With Meringue Buttercream: The cake is topped off with meringue buttercream that has been infused with chocolate.

This cake is very delicious and the icing is delicious. 


Birthday Cream Cheese Cake With Cream Cheese Frosting: This cake has cream cheese frosting and is made to order.

It’s also one of the few cake options on this blog that doesn’t use any fancy icing.

The frosting is delicious, and it’s also very easy to make. 


Birthday Meringues With Vanilla Buttercream Frosting (Sauce Mix): This is a great cake for those who prefer the taste of vanilla over chocolate.

It is made by hand, and is available in a few different flavors. 


Birthday Cinnamon Meringes With Vanilla Frosting(Saucer Cake Mix):This cake is a lot like the milk cake, but instead of chocolate milk, it has cream of cayenne and cinnamon.

This is a cake with the best combination of chocolate and cream cheese. 


Birthday Buttercream Cake With Cocoa Powder:This cake’s frosting recipe is a little different than most of the others on this post.

It comes with powdered cocoa powder and sugar, which creates a very nice chocolate flavor.

The icing is made from powdered sugar, so it’s a nice choice. 


Birthday Strawberry Cake With Vanilla Chocolate Frosting This sugar-free cake with strawberry frosting is one of our favorite birthday cakes.

It uses real strawberry jam, and we love how easy it is to make the frosting. 


Birthday Chocolate Cake With Raspberry Jam: These chocolate cake options are made to orders.

The cakes come with raspberry jam and vanilla frosting, and are a nice change of pace from the regular cake. 


Birthday Mint Cake With Lavender Jam:The mint cake is quite different from the other cake options here.

Instead of vanilla mint, this is a sweet and creamy mint cake.

It has chocolate ganing in it and the frostings are delicious.

The raspberry jam flavor adds to the cake’s sweetness. 


Birthday Pumpkin Cake With Cinnamon Chiffon:This pumpkin cake is so simple to make that you might not even know you’re doing it.

Just mix all of the ingredients together and you’ll have a perfect cake.

You can even make it for yourself and make it ahead. 


Birthday Pecan Pie With Peanut Butter Frosting – Chocolate This pecan pie with chocolate frosting will leave you feeling good for a few days.

It also tastes amazing, and can be made ahead.14.

Birthday Frosting With Chocolate Cream Cheese And Cinnamon Buttercream : This frosting has chocolate and cinnamon in it.

It makes this cake look absolutely gorgeous, and you can add in some vanilla butter if you like.

It tastes great on its own, and adds a nice depth to the flavor.15.

Birthday Ice Cream Cake With Coconut Cream Frosting : The ice cream cake has coconut cream frosting on top of the cake.

This frosting also adds a little extra flavor to the ice cream.16.

Birthday Raspberry Cake With Maple Buttercream And Vanilla Ice Cream : These raspberry cakes are just adorable, and make a perfect birthday gift.

They have a good balance of chocolate, cream and raspberry flavor.17.

Birthday Sugar-Free Birthday Cake – Sugar-free Birthday Cake is a perfect choice for those looking for a low-calorie, low-fat birthday dessert.18.

Birthday Pancake With Chocolate Frosted Toffee Cake:This pancake is a wonderful addition to any meal.

The cream cheese ice cream and chocolate frostings add a very sweet and delicious flavor to this dessert.19.

Birthday Vanilla Chocolate Cake – Vanilla Chocolate Birthday Cake makes a perfect dessert for any special occasion.

This birthday cake has a very subtle chocolate flavor, and a light chocolate frost

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