PATRICK and his family celebrate their cat’s birthday with this delicious dessert!

Patrons of Co-op, a new Co-operative cafe and restaurant located in the heart of the UK’s capital, will celebrate Patrons birthday with a special cake!

The Co-ops cafe, located in Victoria Square in the centre of London, will be serving the popular dessert as part of their anniversary celebration.

Patrons will be able to enjoy the cake with complimentary wine, tea and coffee at the cafe for two hours.

They will also be able access the cafe’s extensive wine and spirits selection for a special day of drinks.

The Coop will be hosting a free Cat Birthday cake for all customers for the first time since their cat was born on October 27, 2020, which is celebrated on the day of the Cat’s birthday.

The cafe, which has been operating since August, has already enjoyed a successful year in the city.

The company is currently celebrating a five-year anniversary in 2017, and has been expanding its range of food and drinks, including its first cat-themed wine bar in the UK, and launching a range of new food and drink products in 2018.

Visit the Coop website for more information about the cake.

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