A Christmas dessert celebrating a small child’s birthday is a perfect opportunity to show the world how much you mean to them.

The family who bought the cake for their little girl for her birthday is raising money for charity.

“It was a little bit of a shock to find out that it had been made by a small business in Victoria,” she said.

“We went out and did some research and found out they make a lot of cakes, so I was pretty thrilled to find one for her.”

The birthday cake, which has a custom-made name tag, features a special message and the name of the child who received it, and a picture of the baby, which is printed in small type.

“I think it’s a really touching message, because we’re talking about a child, so it’s really touching,” Ms Kline said.

She has raised more than $150,000 so far, which she hopes will help support the Childs’ Hope Foundation, which runs a children’s hospice in Western Australia.

“To get such a big cake and to have it be a special cake, that’s really special,” she laughed.

“That’s something that a lot more people don’t realise, especially in the community, it’s not just a birthday cake.”

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