As Halloween is upon us, it’s time to buy some birthday cake.

The latest is the $10,000, 24-hour birthday cake orders that are sold out of the iconic chocolate cake store at the Macy’s in Chicago, according to a spokesperson.

There were several orders out of order, including a birthday cake for a man named Elmo that was due to be on sale until October 5, according a Macy’s spokesperson.

It was sold out and a representative said the customer was out of luck.

Another order that was sold in the store was for a cake for Elmo, but it was sold to a different customer, a spokesperson said.

As Halloween approaches, it may not be worth the effort to buy a birthday order.

The cake order was bought for a $10K wedding for a woman named Karen, according the Macys spokesperson.

The cake was due for delivery on October 4.

Karen and Elmo celebrated their wedding anniversary on Monday, according Elmo himself.

I want to thank everyone who was with us on the day.

We’ve had a blast and it’s a great day, Karen said.

We were lucky enough to have some great friends and a beautiful venue.

It has been an amazing ride, she added.

More Birthday Cake Orders to come!

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