A cake decorating lady in the Australian state of Queensland says she made a special cake for a friend’s birthdays birthday.

The cake, decorated with the words “Happy Birthday, Birthday” and a birthday candle, was decorated with a rainbow, a rose and a flower, which she said she got from her boyfriend.

“It’s a bit of a strange, weird birthday cake but I think he thought it was pretty,” Ms Williams said.

“He said it was one of the coolest birthday cakes I’ve ever seen.”

Ms Williams has since had several requests to make birthday cakes for her friends.

“I’ve made birthday cakes at parties for people who didn’t know I was married, or I’m divorced, or somebody who is a widow,” she said.

She also created a Christmas cake that was decorated by her grandmother.

“This one I’ve been getting lots of requests for, because I’ve got a birthday coming up in December,” Ms May said.

Ms May, who has a young son, said her parents had been expecting a baby since December.

“My mum has been on the pill for four months, so I haven’t seen my mum since February,” she explained.

“We’ve had a few issues with the pill, but everything’s been going well.”

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