When Spider-Man hits theaters on December 16, the character will be celebrating his birthday by throwing an impromptu birthday party for his mother, Princess Celestia.

According to a new report, the two-part, six-episode episode will be a mix of a birthday party, a surprise birthday cake and a surprise performance by the character’s favorite singer.

It sounds like the whole thing is going to be a huge success, which is exactly why we’re excited to hear it.

The story was first revealed by Collider, and the details are even more tantalizing than those in the original report.

The new report notes that Spider-Men: Homecoming will introduce a new villain, Venom, in an attempt to get Celestia back in the spotlight.

In the episode, she will be revealed to be part of a new secret organization called the Midnight Brotherhood, who have been tasked with hunting down Spider-Slayers.

This is, according to Collider, a plotline that will be used to help propel the story into a big climax.

But, of course, it’s still unclear if this is going a little too far, given the show’s tendency to take a dramatic approach to events and storylines.

It’s also unclear what the character herself is up to in the event, given that she’s seemingly been kidnapped by the Midnight Brothers.

That’s certainly a bit of a stretch, given Celestia’s status as the most powerful superhero in the world.

We’re curious to hear more about this plotline, and how it fits into the overall plot of the show, which could be a big reason why fans have been waiting to see Spider-Homecoming’s first official trailer.

We’ve also been curious about the character and the story, and have been following all the twists and turns of this storyline.

The first teaser trailer for Spider-Family’s upcoming movie, Spider-Moms, revealed a new look at the villain in action.

But that trailer wasn’t the only glimpse at the mysterious villain in the film, which we’ve seen before.

The second trailer, released on Monday, also showed the same villain.

So, how does this new information relate to the original rumor that revealed a different plotline?

We’ll let Collider explain it: The new reveal from Collider was that a major plot point of the film was to see Celestia return to the spotlight, with a surprise cake for Spiderman’s birthday.

We don’t know what kind of cake that was, but that would be a birthday cake for a Spiderman, and that’s the first hint that the entire thing is a surprise, rather than a traditional birthday cake.

And that would indicate that we’re going to see some big reveals at the end of the movie.

So we’re getting a surprise that Spiderman has a birthday, and it’s not necessarily a birthday that’s going to go to his girlfriend, but a surprise for Spidermen that’s actually going to affect their relationship.

So there’s a lot more going on than just Spider-Mom and Spider-Dad and Aunt May.

The entire movie will be shot on location in New York City, and we can expect to see a lot of familiar faces, from Peter Parker to Spider-Gwen.

And while the characters will all be different, the characters who will be playing them will be the same.

Spider-Tomboy is going back to her normal, old-fashioned ways, while Spider-Girl will be doing something a little different.

There are also a few new faces in the cast, including a young girl named Kala.

While we don’t yet know what this means for SpiderMen, the trailer certainly seems to confirm that a new Spider-family movie is coming.

And we know that the trailer was shot on a Sony A7SII, which may indicate that Sony has given the Spider-movie crew some pretty hefty hardware to work with.

SpiderMoms will be out on Christmas Day, and then we’ll see if the film can find its footing as a full-fledged family film.

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