Beauty queen Yusra Mughrabi has shared a birthday cake made with the iconic 20th birthday birthday cake at the 2017 Miss Universe Pageant in New York City.

The cake was presented to Mughrlabi on her 21st birthday.

The beauty queen, who is married to former New York Daily News editor-in-chief James Boudreaux, shared the cake with her husband James Bissonette at a party in Manhattan on her birthday on Sunday (January 10).

Read more about Yusra and her birthday cake here: “The cake was decorated with cake decorations, cake accessories, a piece of cake, and a piece that was a gift to my husband and me.

The gift was made for us to celebrate my 21st wedding anniversary.

The birthday cake was made by a cake maker named Lizzie, who made it for me and my husband.

The whole time, she was giving us a special thanks and a special thank you for making it for us and for celebrating my birthday.

She is such a beautiful person.

We were just so happy to have this cake for us.

I have so much respect for Lizzies amazing work.

I don’t know how many cake cakes she makes, but she makes some of the best,” Mughriabi shared.

The cake, which was presented at a birthday party in New Jersey, features a cake-shaped cake, a cake with a white heart on top, a birthday card, and the cake is topped with a birthday star.

Mughrabis wedding dress also featured in the cake article On Sunday, Mughraabi shared her wedding dress that was part of the cake, saying she “wore the wedding dress for my birthday and to celebrate our wedding day.”

“It was really pretty and was really comfortable,” she said.

The wedding dress was worn by Mughrabis husband James, who was also in attendance at the party.

“I love this dress, it’s gorgeous.

It’s so flattering.

The dress has the same shape and the same length.

The neckline is a bit more relaxed than mine, and it’s a bit taller,” she shared.

Mughrabi also shared a picture of the wedding gown on Instagram, writing, “I love how it’s so perfect.

I love the way it looks, the way the dress sits on the hips, the lace and the buttons.

It was just beautiful.

I just want to say thank you to Lizzy for making my birthday so special for us.”

Read more: Mughramabis new husband James says the cake was “beautiful”The cake has been featured in many different wedding photography shoots including by The Real Housewives of New Jersey and The Bachelor.

Watch the beauty queen’s wedding video below:Mughraibi, who has been married to James for seven years, is one of the top beauty queens in the world.

She’s also known for her unique and quirky looks and personality.

She has shared her first-ever photo shoot with her fiancee on Monday (January 11).

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