A sweet and decadent birthday cake is the best way to celebrate your birthday, a new study finds.

According to researchers from the University of Queensland, the cake is more likely to be enjoyed by those who have been in a happy relationship for at least 12 months.

The researchers also found that people who love their cake a lot have more satisfaction with it than those who love it little.

“People who are satisfied with their cake are more likely than people who are not to eat it.

The more satisfied you are with your cake, the more likely you are to eat your cake,” study author Professor Christopher Rauch said.

The research, published in the Journal of Food Science and Technology, is based on a study of the relationship between a cake’s shape and the satisfaction people feel when they eat it, with and without the coconut oil in the cake.

“The cake is a social and emotional device that is part of our everyday lives,” Dr Rauach said.

“It’s important that we find a way to keep it from becoming just a party thing.”

The study included 888 couples who ate the cake and 816 couples who didn’t.

Researchers found that the more satisfied a person was with their cakes, the less likely they were to eat them.

The study also found the more chocolate cake they ate, the happier their partners were with their birthday cake.

The takeaway message?

A cake is not just a food, but a social event, and people who eat cake should aim for something that is as simple and tasty as possible.

The University of Brisbane is a member of the Australian Research Council.

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