By now, you’ve probably noticed the trend of birthday cakes being adorned with chocolate cake sticks.

But for some, the cakes are simply too fancy for their own good.

Here’s how to make a homemade birthday cake stick out of buttercream and chocolate.


Melt the buttercream.

This will take a bit of time, but it’s important to start out slow.

The buttercream will need to be at room temperature and be at least half a cup.

If you’re using a plastic bag, you can use a plastic container for the butter.

Buttercream is also best if you have a microwave.

The more the merrier.

You can use the same method as above if you’re doing this on a food processor.

Melt about half of the butter, which will make a thick, crumbly mess.

Then, melt about one-third of the sugar, then add in the cream, vanilla extract, cocoa powder, and baking soda.

Stir the mixture until it’s smooth.

Next, add in half the milk and half the cream and stir until everything is combined.

Add the butter to the milk mixture, then stir until the butter is completely melted and creamy.

Next add in one cup of the powdered sugar, one cup the flour, and one cup milk.

Stir until the flour is combined and the mixture is smooth.

Finally, stir in half of your chocolate and one-quarter of your sugar and mix well.

The mixture should look something like this.


Pour the butter into a piping bag, and pipe a hole through the center of the stick.


Press the cake in the chocolate stick and then fill the hole with the remaining chocolate and the cream.

Pipe the whole thing in. 4.

Cover the cake with plastic wrap and place it in the fridge for a couple of hours.

Then pop the cake out of the fridge and slice it.

It’ll be delicious as soon as you get to the bottom of the cake. 5. Enjoy!

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