The cake, a 13th birthday, has been a popular cake for decades.

Now, thanks to a lawsuit, it’s being taken down.

A cake from a Mississippi town is being taken off the menu because of a lawsuit filed by a baker who says it’s racist.

It’s the latest controversy to come out of a town near the Mississippi border.

The lawsuit, filed in January, claims that the cake is racially insensitive.

It says the cake was created for a white woman, and the cake has been sold in the town for decades to a black family.

The bakery says it has not made the cakes in Mississippi.

But the lawsuit says the cakes are part of a tradition that has been part of the culture in the area for years.

The cake has a history of being a cake made by a black baker, who is named as plaintiff and who has made cakes for white customers in the city for more than 40 years.

A man who identified himself as plaintiff said in the lawsuit that the cakes, which have a date stamp of November 16, are meant to celebrate the birthday of Mississippi’s first African-American mayor.

The bakery said it had no comment.

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