The birth of the meme is not all that unusual.

We all have our own “birthday cakes.”

There are many variations on the theme, from a simple, cake-like “cake,” to a “doughnut” style cake with a chocolate swirl.

Some of them even have chocolate sprinkles in them, as in this “cake” from Instagram user jen_lopez.

It seems the idea of a birthday cake has been around for some time, with “cake cake” meaning a cake made of chocolate and other ingredients.

This “birthdays” meme has been circulating for years, with users posting pictures of their cakes and the memes appearing in news stories.

But now, as people are getting married, celebrating their birthday, or having a child, these birthday cakes are popping up everywhere, often in news coverage.

And it seems like the internet is getting into the act.

Here’s a look at some of the most popular “birthiversary cakes.”1.

“Birthdays Cake” from the “Doughnut Club” video on Instagram The popular “Duffin Club” YouTube video from May 19, 2016, shows a group of young people dancing around a “Dougchie” cake with icing and sprinkles.

The “Dumpin” cake featured in the video, from the popular “The Doughnut Club,” also features sprinkles, with sprinkles added to the cake for a touch of “pink slime.”

This is the second “Doodle Club” birthday cake in the “The Doodle Club,” which features sprinklers in addition to chocolate sprinkling.

The first cake, posted May 12, has sprinkles on the sides.

In the video’s description, the creator says, “I don’t make these anymore, I made the cake.

We’re getting married in a couple weeks.”2.

“Happy Birthday Cake” on Instagram A “Happy Cake” cake is a “bake” cake made with a mixture of powdered sugar, flour, milk, and cake mix.

The name “Happy” comes from the fact that the “cake is filled with chocolate.

It’s also a reference to the phrase “Happy birthday to you, my dear,” which refers to the “happy” birthday greeting exchanged by the couple on their wedding day.

The “Chocolaty Birthday Cake,” which was featured in a “Happy Days” YouTube clip posted on May 11, 2016. “

Chocolate Birthday Cake.”

The “Chocolaty Birthday Cake,” which was featured in a “Happy Days” YouTube clip posted on May 11, 2016.

The recipe calls for baking the cake in a muffin tin for 40 minutes, or until it’s soft.

The description says, The cake is the same as any regular cake, except that instead of chocolate, we add powdered sugar and cream to the mixture.

We then bake it in the oven at 400 degrees for 10 minutes.4.

“Mint Chocolate Birthday Cake”—with sprinkles—on Instagram The “Mints Chocolate Cake” recipe on Instagram calls for mixing powdered sugar with a little chocolate chips to make a chocolate-covered cake.

The video includes the recipe, which calls for “powdered sugar and cocoa powder,” which is a powdery mix of ingredients that have been softened with chocolate chips and then mixed into a cake batter.

The photo of the recipe on the Instagram account also features a chocolate sprinkler.

This cake is sold at some bakeries.5.

“The Cake that Gave Me the Birthday Craze” on FacebookThe “The Birthday Cake That Gave Us the Craze,” a photo of a cake with sprinklers, was featured on a Facebook post from April 15, 2016 in which the caption reads, “My friends and I decided to make our own birthday cake and it is now on Instagram.

We love how the sprinkles make the cake even more special.”

The post has nearly 10,000 likes.

The “Chaotic Birthday Cake Recipe” on Pinterest and Instagram is another recipe with sprinkler sprinkles and a chocolate topping.

The post says, We are starting to look at making our own cake with chocolate sprinklers.

I would say we have all the ingredients.

I think we will be able to make this cake with just a few steps.6.

“Halloween Cake” by Pinterest user katie_paulson on Instagram This Halloween Cake was created by Pinterest’s katy_p.

The creator, katys, says she created the cake to celebrate her daughter’s birthday.

This recipe, posted on March 11, has a note saying, We created this cake to give our daughter her Halloween birthday.

We wanted to make her a Halloween cake, but it was a little too difficult and took too long.

We decided to create this cake because I wanted to give her Halloween a new twist.

We have decided to add sprinklers and chocolate in order to make it even more festive.

It will be very popular with my daughter and

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