A money birthday gift card is the perfect way to celebrate your birthday.

The gift card can be used on a range of products, from groceries to birthday gifts.

Here are some ideas:1.

Make your own cake – this is one of the easiest ways to celebrate a birthday, with an easy and fun tutorial at this post.


Add a cash gift card to a regular birthday giftcard – it can also be used as a gift for friends, family or pets.


Use a cash birthday cake – you can make a cake that will go with a birthday party, or even just make a birthday cake for a friend’s birthday.4.

Have a birthday dinner at home – a simple and delicious birthday cake will go very well with a family meal, and it will be perfect for sharing.


Give a birthday gift to a loved one – this can be as simple as a money cake for your mum, sister or nephew, or it can be something more special, such as a birthday card or gift certificate.

If you need help finding the perfect gift for your birthday, we have a wealth of information to help.

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