It’s been a year since the release of the Wegmans Birthday Cake and we’re finally happy to report that the company’s recipe has been completely updated to reflect the latest nutritional standards.

The company’s new cake comes in three flavours: white, blueberry and strawberry, and will hit stores in June.

The cake, which comes in a box of two with a tray of three, will retail for around $29.99.

Wegman is not the only major cake company to have made changes to their recipes in recent years.

In 2014, Coca-Cola made the decision to cut its own sugar content in the UK.

The change was due to rising sugar levels, with the beverage company citing a rise in obesity rates as a cause.

While some of the drinks companies have taken similar steps, the biggest change in the last couple of years is probably Wegmann’s.

Last year, the company began using a different sweetener to its famous Wegmels, but this year, they have added a little bit of vanilla extract to the mix.

That’s a change which could save Youngemans cake at least a few dollars.

It’s worth noting that the changes to the recipe are meant to bring down the calories, as the company says it’s a healthier choice.

The new recipe comes with a few nutritional tweaks to it as well, such as making it lighter and less sweet, as well as making the cake easier to work with.

Younges cakes are also more expensive than previous versions, which can be a big hit to those on a budget.

You can check out all the Wegs cakes and see how they compare to the other cakes below.

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