UPDATE: Kylie has shared her recipe for the ultimate birthday cake in a video that has gone viral.

The star shared the recipe on Instagram after the backlash against her new makeup line, which she said “isn’t about what’s good for you.”

“I was inspired by a post on the [Kylie Jenner] Instagram account that I saw about her makeup line,” she wrote.

“As soon as I saw the name ‘Galaxy Birthday Cake,’ I knew I had to make it!” she added.

“I love this cake because it’s so simple, yet delicious.”

The star then shared her version of the cake with a troll who suggested she should “get some” of the ingredients and “make some” to make a “troll” a millionaire.

“If you wanna make this cake, you can buy all the ingredients,” she said.

“But don’t buy it with the intention of making a troll.”

“Because if you want to make the troll millionaire, you’ll need to buy the cake.

Just because you’re mad at me doesn’t mean you’re gonna make the cake,” she added, before suggesting the troll “just get some of the [cake] ingredients.””

So here’s my recipe for a cake to make you a troll,” she captioned the photo.

“Here’s a taste.”

She continued: “The only ingredients you need to make this super rich, decadent cake are butter, sugar, eggs, flour, baking powder, baking soda, baking and salt.

It’s the perfect birthday cake for a troll.

It’ll make them cry.

I promise.”

The makeup line has already attracted controversy for its price tag and claims to contain ingredients like butter, almond butter, and chocolate, among others.

The “Galaxy Cake” is now available for purchase in the Kylie Cosmetics boutique.

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