Posted by Entertainment Weekly on November 15, 2018 04:00:58 A Japanese birthday cake has been popping up on store shelves across the country, but one store in California has made it its own, turning the cake into an official celebration of the country’s love of unicorns.

The Unicorn Birthday Cake, a chocolate-colored chocolate cake with a unicorn on top, has been sold at a number of stores in California, including the popular Santa Monica store Unicorn Cake, which sells for $9.99.

The cake is made by The Unicorn Cake Company in Anaheim, California.

Unicorn Cake CEO, Kristin Shulman, said the cake was created for her husband’s birthday, and was the brainchild of her boyfriend, who is Japanese.

Unicorn cake is typically served at a restaurant for $5.50, with an optional side of fried potato, or a side of the cake can of cream cheese and whipped cream.

The dessert comes with a photo of the couple, along with a card.

“We were thinking about how to do something really different and something that would make a statement to people,” Shulmen said.

Unicorn cakes have been a part of Japanese culture for centuries.

The tradition dates back to the 17th century, when Japanese craftsman Mitsuru Yuki crafted a wooden cake to commemorate his wife’s birthday.

His wife, who had a very long illness, was given the cake, but her condition deteriorated, and the cake remained in the family home.

In the 20th century the cake became a part and parcel of Japanese society, and it was an integral part of celebrations, such as weddings, weddings with special guests, and birthdays.

Japanese culture celebrates the unicorns, and in order to commemorate the day of her birthday, the Japanese government instituted a nationwide celebration called the Unicorn Birthday Celebration.

In December, the cake will be made available for purchase at the Unicorn Cake in Santa Monica, California, and will be available in all of the participating stores nationwide.

Shulmans husband will be able to buy the cake and purchase an additional dessert with it, as well as order a cake and a large cake, the company said.

Shulu’s husband, who has been an avid cake-buyer for over 30 years, is not sure how long he will have to wait for his own unicorn birthday cake.

“It will be something that will be coming in about two months,” he said.

“If it comes out on time, I think it’s going to be pretty good.”

Unicorn cake sales are expected to be increasing as more Americans celebrate their birthdays with a celebration of Japan’s traditional love of the unicorn.

The number of Japanese and Japanese-born people in the U.S. is expected to double between 2019 and 2023, and sales of the Unicorn cake are expected increase in line with that growth.

“The unicorn has been the symbol of Japan and Japanese culture and of our nation’s love for unicorns,” Shulu said.

“[But] it’s also been the focus of hate.

People think we’re crazy for wanting something like this.”

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