The Bluey is the traditional Bluey cake with a pink or blue heart, while the Sam’s is a Blue and pink cake with the heart of a Mermaid.

But this year’s Sam’s Birthday Cake doesn’t have a heart, instead opting for a cake made with the famous “blue hearts” of sea creatures.

Sam’s Birthday cake is a popular birthday cake in the UK and many other countries, and many of its fans prefer it over the traditional Red and Green Bluey cakes, which are both red and green.

It is also the name of a popular YouTube channel.

Sam’s Cake also features in many of the films that celebrate Sam’s anniversary, including The Little Mermaid, Monsters University, and Finding Nemo.

But the popular Sam’s cake has a different look to other birthday cakes.

Instead of hearts, the cake has chocolate frosting and an intricate design.

Sam the Birthday Cake is available in a wide variety of colours, including red, blue, yellow, green, orange and purple.

The Sam’s and Bluey birthday cakes are not available in the US, but they can be ordered in the same UK store as the Bluey.

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