Breitbart News | March 25, 2018 10:25:21A bill to defund Planned Parenthood has sparked outrage among conservative activists, who say it would be a “political coup” to undermine the organization’s services.GOP leaders on Wednesday unveiled a bill that would strip Planned Parenthood of nearly all federal funding, a move that has prompted protests from Republicans and other groups across the country.GOP House leaders have unveiled a plan to defund the health care provider, but they have not said what would happen if a vote is not held.

The bill would strip the federal government of $900 million in funding for the nation’s largest provider of abortion services, which provides most abortions in the U.S.

The House Freedom Caucus, which includes many prominent conservatives, has been pressing the White House to block the Planned Parenthood funding bill for months, arguing that the health organization provides critical services to women across the nation.

The GOP bill would essentially kill off Planned Parenthood, but it would not end the organization entirely, according to a new report from The Center for Public Integrity.

Instead, the legislation would remove Planned Parenthood’s funding entirely and redirect the funds to other programs that include community health centers, abortion clinics and other health care providers.

Planned Parenthood has provided services to more than 13 million women and girls since its founding in 1973, according the organization.

It provides abortions to nearly 1.3 million women a year.

In a statement Wednesday, the organization called the bill “a shameful attempt to sabotage Planned Parenthood.”

The bill “would strip Planned the funding it needs to remain a vital, life-saving provider of critical health services and to continue providing services to nearly 13 million people,” the statement said.

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