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The following products were included:•Apple cider vinegar (or apple cider vinegar plus 3 tablespoons water)•Cider vinegar flavored with cinnamon•Apple Cider Ale (or other apple cider)•Apple Cinnamon Whiskey (or a similar drink made with other ingredients)•Dry Gin•Passion Fruit Juice (or another juice with a high sugar content)•Whipped Cream•Apple Crème de Menthe•Pomegranate Fruit Syrup•Ice cream (or ice cream plus 1 teaspoon cream or vanilla ice cream)•Ice water•Pistachio Fruit Syrups•Pumpkin Spice (or pumpkin puree)•Pineapple SyrupFor more information on how to make a personalized, personalized dessert, see How to Cook a Classic Dessert.

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