A year after it was first sold in Kerala, the fisherman’s cake is finally back on the shelves in the state.

On January 31, the Kerala state government announced a 10% discount for all customers who order the fish birthday cake.

“The 10% offer is a special offer for customers who ordered fish birthday cakes on December 31,” the Kerala State Food Department spokesperson said.

According to the department, fish birthday is an important dish for many families in Kerala.

The Kerala Fish & Game Department had recently received a petition from fishermen protesting against the fish cake being sold on the market, and the Kerala Fish Farmers Association (KFFA) has also filed a complaint against the government.

The Kerala government has promised to immediately reduce the price of fish birthday from Rs 8.80 to Rs 4.60 per kilo.

The government also announced that it is sending a team to buy fish birthday to the Kerala Food Board to review the sale of the fish cakes, which were sold for Rs 4,500 per kilogram on the government website.

The state government had also said that it would review the price once it has received the results of the investigation.

According the Kerala government, the fish birthdays were sold by online auction platform eBay to fishermen who had bought them in the last few years.

According to reports, the buyers were mostly fishermen who spent more than Rs 1 lakh for the fish, which included the cost of fresh fish.

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