It’s been a few months since my daughter and I shared our birthday cake together at her birthday party, and the birthday cake itself was a little too pretty to be her birthday cake.

I figured it’d be a great idea to create a birthday cake topped with her favorite topper.

We had a few options on what to use, but one that seemed really fun was a topper of a brownie birthday theme.

This topper was so fun that we wanted to share it with the whole family.

To make it, we decided to use a cake cutter to cut a brownies shape and a toffee icing for the topper’s base.

Then, we covered the cake with a chocolate cake icing and decorated the toppers with toffee frosting and icing.

I made a few other changes to the cake that made it more interesting.

The cake was originally designed for a child of 9 and a few years younger, so I wanted to make it even more memorable for her.

We also decided to make the topping even more fancy with a fancy topper cupcake.

This is a special treat that we love and can’t wait to share with everyone who loves a cake.

To top off the toffee cake icing, I made some brownie toppers using a cake cutter.

The toppers came out so cute and different that they turned out a little bit different from each other, so we kept a few different sizes of each topper to make them all stand out.

When it came time to decorate the cake, we wanted it to be as festive as possible, so each piece of cake had to be adorned with its own special holiday decorating.

We wanted to be able to add the holiday decorations to the brownies as we ate them as well.

We were able to do this by using the cake cutter as a carving tool, but if you prefer a more artistic and creative approach, you can make the decorations yourself.

I also added some little chocolate icing to the bottom of each brownie so that it looked like it had melted down into the cake.

After decorating each brownies topper, I wrapped each in chocolate frosting.

Then I filled the brownie with a piece of chocolate icing and frosted it up.

You can see the finished toppers below.

If you’re looking for a new gift for your daughter, check out this topper I’ve added to her favorite cake cake.

The cakes are made with natural, naturally sweetened cocoa butter and fresh vanilla beans.

You’ll need: Cake cutter (for cutting the browni cake shape) and toffee iced chocolate cake frosting (for frosting the brownied brownie shape) Cake cutter (for slicing and cutting the cake shape for the browning topper) Brownie cake icing (for the toffees icing) Chocolate frosting to decorating cupcakes (optional) Chocolate cake icing to decoratiing cake (optional, but really good for the cake topping) Chocolate chocolate cake toffee topping (optional but really delicious) Toppings (optional if you’d like a toffee frosting) Chocolate fondant for decoration

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