A year later, a fisherman’s birthday cake is still selling on the streets of Kerala

A year after it was first sold in Kerala, the fisherman’s cake is finally back on the shelves in the state.On January 31, the Kerala state government announced a 10% discount for all customers who order the fish birthday cake.“The 10% offer is a special offer for customers who ordered fish birthday cakes on December 31,” the Kerala State Food […]

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3 Ways to Make Your Cowgirls Birthday Cake Puffs With Chocolate, Jelly, and Pomegranate (and a Moo)

Creme de la Crème (creamy buttercream) and jam are the two ingredients you’re going to need to make your birthday cake puff cake, according to the Huffington Post.The dough is then chilled until firm and the cake is then cut into 24 layers.The cake is filled with powdered sugar, whipped cream, and chopped pecans.The first layer is topped with the […]

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‘Birthday cake’ topper inspired by a cake topper from a bakery

It’s been a few months since my daughter and I shared our birthday cake together at her birthday party, and the birthday cake itself was a little too pretty to be her birthday cake.I figured it’d be a great idea to create a birthday cake topped with her favorite topper.We had a few options on what to use, but one […]

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